i’m trying to figure out how to easily make posts or show pictures. i keep just emailing recent pics to family and i feel bad flooding people’s inbox with photos. anyway…
here’s an update:
britton has started his second year teaching and staying busy with that and all the extra stuff he has been doing. he has stared the doctorate program in education at tech. he’s amazing and does so much. i’m soooo proud of him!

i’m good, staying tired, but it’s a good tired. my kids are sooo fun and keep me busy and happy at the same time.

siriana has started preschool at the lincoln parish early childhood center in ruston. she’s there all day and is enjoying it (except for rest time). julian had a hard time that first day, as you can see. he loves his big sister! she turned 4 on the 9th of september and we had a small but fun party for her at my sister’s house. i’ll make a party post after this. there’s been several fun parties as of late!

julian is a mess. he’s talking more and more, and cracking us up all the time.

nash is, what can i say, a cutie cutie cutie pie! and he’s getting better and better with sleeping! he did a 9 hour stretch for me the other night! he’s just awesome and i love seeing him grow and figure life out.



we had a great halloween this year! siriana had a very fun party at her school where she got to dress up. saturday was very busy with a party at my brother’s house, gabriel garcia’s 4th birthday party, and fun trick-or-treating that evening. along with my brother and his family, we all decided to dress like different characters from musicals. johnathan and anna were sweeney todd and ms. lovitts, caed was charlie brown, elena was queen guenivere from camelot, britton and i were the phantom of the opera and christine, siriana was thoroughly modern millie, and julian was oliver twist. it was non stop fun. my brother and anna go all out with details for a good party, gabriel picked a super fun birthday theme (dr. seuss)… we tried to dress funky and fix our kids hair like dr. suess characters, and trick-or-treating with my family is always a place where i am so happy. a big thank you to zelda garcia for sewing and helping me put together siri’s costume. you’re awesome and do amazing work! thank you to josiah garcia for letting jules borrow your vest, the outfit wouldn’t have made sense without it! thank you to brother for letting britton borrow the mask you made years ago, and thank you to the dessert fest costume closet for the cape britton wore. oh and i know we’ve told you a billion times this week… but happy birthday to estevan garcia!!…. who had a birthday on saturday. phew, i don’t think we could fit any more celebrations in one weekend! happy halloween! can’t wait for more fun holidays with all the awesome people in our life!

october has been a busy month, and it’s just getting busier. the weather has been awesome, the pumpkin pictures plentiful, fall is just a wonderful time! we’ve made a couple visits to the townsend house to get some pumpkins with my brother and his family. we went to dallas a couple of weeks ago for a huge celebration weekend. my mom had a birthday on 10/10/10 and also on that amazing day, one of my greatest friends in the world, naomi… her brother andrei got married to an awesome girl, rachel. he’s like a brother to me and we are sooooo happy for them! so in dallas we went to the dallas arboretum, a gorgeous wedding, visited friends, ate really well, it was just a fun family trip. another fun thing to happen; my brother got a fun playground for their back yard and our kids have been loving it! and so have we! also, our friends meghan and james and their baby came to the wedding and meghan and lily spent a week in her hometown of ruston so you can see lily hanging out with her ruston friends in some pumpkins. happy autumn, everyone! love to all!

Siriana is 3!!


i’m just going to pretend it hasn’t been months and months since we’ve posted. our siriana just turned 3! she had a great day and a great party. thank you all who helped make her birthday so special. we love you and really appreciate everything!
oh and i feel i should explain the theme. siri really wanted a sally party, she’s been talking about it for months. she watches this old video at her mumsy’s house that her daddy used to watch as a kid. it’s a wee sing video about a girl named sally. when she goes to sleep, her stuffed animals come to life and take her and her brother to a magical forest where they have a birthday party with all her friends. she wears a fun red dress and everyone has party hats. anyway, so siri is sporting her red dress and her tia made very cute party hats. it was fun, even though we had a severed barbie doll coming out of a strawberry cake, and had to stab the pinata to death to get the candy to come out.



britton and jenn kilpatrick got married on june 12, 2004 and love each other more than wordpress could express! we love the Lord, our beautiful kids, our awesome family and friends, photography, traveling, and papa john's pizza!