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my friend kelly moore has ventured into making and selling bags for photographers. they are pretty awesome, and i really want to get one! (and i am having a birthday coming up!) the one that i really want, i don’t think she has in stock yet, but i think it’s coming in the next few [...]

New Year Kids


I (Britton) took a couple of pics of the kiddos last night. I wanted to try to fix Julian’s hair like a mohawk and Siri just looked adorable in a bandana. Here’s one of each. Enjoy!

friends of ours in our small group had a sweet baby girl today. brian and sarah warren along with their 6 year old daughter, abbey, welcomed sylvi at noon today. i went to visit them in the hospital and took some of her first pictures! she’s gorgeous and big (that’s how we like em!) congratulations, [...]

we took a few pictures of julian today for his six month pictures. he’s such a cutie that we had to share a few now (even though we haven’t yet blogged siri’s b-day party!) anyway, enjoy!

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