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sweet family


we’ve had a couple of really good family hang out sessions lately. a few weeks ago, britton and i took the kids to shreveport for a few days. my dad’s been trying to remodel their kitchen all on his own, so britton helped him do a few things that he couldn’t do by himself. our [...]

this is such a season of birthdays! we’ve celebrated so many fun people in our lives… my nephew, jacob, turned 11 last week! two of my best friends had birthdays! corrie, i wish i could have been with you, especially for the amazing desserts i know you ate that day! naomi, i am so glad [...]

last saturday, britton and i took the kids to our cousins’ birthday party. lainey turned two and lucy turned one this month, and even though their parents, taylor and leigh ann, went to new york for a youth mission trip, and got back with illness flooding their household, they still managed to throw a super [...]

mostly words


so i was going to try to show pictures from the last three months, but i just decided i didn’t have time to do that big of a photo catch up, so this will mostly be words, with a few recent pictures. we’ve been through a lot since our sweet julian was born. we’ve had [...]

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