this is such a season of birthdays! we’ve celebrated so many fun people in our lives… my nephew, jacob, turned 11 last week! two of my best friends had birthdays! corrie, i wish i could have been with you, especially for the amazing desserts i know you ate that day! naomi, i am so glad you are back in ruston and we could party together… i hope you have a great day on tuesday! britton’s mom also had a birthday last week and she finally got her britton cheesecake today! and one of siriana’s bestest friends is turning two as i type this blog!!! josiah had his rock and roll birthday party on saturday and we all had a rockin’ good time. i can’t believe we have two year olds, crystal! well, i still have a couple of weeks that i’m holding onto as tight as i can. it really feels like it was just yesterday i was photographing josiah in brian’s arms after he was born, so little and precious. anyway, here’s some pictures from the party.








































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  1. 1 Crystal Garcia

    Thanks so much for taking pictures Jenn! I love them! We had a great time and Josiah loved the paints and having you guys there!

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