we took a few pictures of julian today for his six month pictures. he’s such a cutie that we had to share a few now (even though we haven’t yet blogged siri’s b-day party!) anyway, enjoy!

3 Responses to “julian is 6 months”  

  1. 1 Mumsy

    He’s the cutest boy ever!! I loved the pictures of him sitting so well AND the one of him and his mommy. Cute stuff!!! Love to my family, Mumsy

  2. 2 Crystal Garcia

    Such a cutie! Happy half birthday Jules!

  3. 3 Brandee McCarthy

    Hey Jennifer,

    Long time, no see.. I can’t believe that you have two beautiful children already.. They are absolutely adorable.. I have one son, Brandon Patrick McCarthy, who is 16 months old.. He sounds like your Siri, identifying objects and starting to talk up a storm.. I can’t wait to have another one, but we are going to wait until Brandon is 3 or 4.. I am living in Blanchard near Northwood HS.. I wondered if your parents still lived in their “igloo”, now I know they do.. You and Britton take some awesome photos.. You always were so creative.. Well send me an email or look me up when you are coming to town next and I will bring Brandon to your Mom and Dads for a play date.. They are literally right around the corner from my current house.. We have a lot of catching up to do!!


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