Siriana is 3!!


i’m just going to pretend it hasn’t been months and months since we’ve posted. our siriana just turned 3! she had a great day and a great party. thank you all who helped make her birthday so special. we love you and really appreciate everything!
oh and i feel i should explain the theme. siri really wanted a sally party, she’s been talking about it for months. she watches this old video at her mumsy’s house that her daddy used to watch as a kid. it’s a wee sing video about a girl named sally. when she goes to sleep, her stuffed animals come to life and take her and her brother to a magical forest where they have a birthday party with all her friends. she wears a fun red dress and everyone has party hats. anyway, so siri is sporting her red dress and her tia made very cute party hats. it was fun, even though we had a severed barbie doll coming out of a strawberry cake, and had to stab the pinata to death to get the candy to come out.

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  1. 1 Uncle Christopher

    These are really cute. I really like the first one with brother and sister. It looks like Siriana has on a hoop skirt in some of them.

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