october has been a busy month, and it’s just getting busier. the weather has been awesome, the pumpkin pictures plentiful, fall is just a wonderful time! we’ve made a couple visits to the townsend house to get some pumpkins with my brother and his family. we went to dallas a couple of weeks ago for a huge celebration weekend. my mom had a birthday on 10/10/10 and also on that amazing day, one of my greatest friends in the world, naomi… her brother andrei got married to an awesome girl, rachel. he’s like a brother to me and we are sooooo happy for them! so in dallas we went to the dallas arboretum, a gorgeous wedding, visited friends, ate really well, it was just a fun family trip. another fun thing to happen; my brother got a fun playground for their back yard and our kids have been loving it! and so have we! also, our friends meghan and james and their baby came to the wedding and meghan and lily spent a week in her hometown of ruston so you can see lily hanging out with her ruston friends in some pumpkins. happy autumn, everyone! love to all!

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    ok this is my favorite post of all time!!! i want copies of those pics of us!! you’re children are beautiful!!!

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