we had a great halloween this year! siriana had a very fun party at her school where she got to dress up. saturday was very busy with a party at my brother’s house, gabriel garcia’s 4th birthday party, and fun trick-or-treating that evening. along with my brother and his family, we all decided to dress like different characters from musicals. johnathan and anna were sweeney todd and ms. lovitts, caed was charlie brown, elena was queen guenivere from camelot, britton and i were the phantom of the opera and christine, siriana was thoroughly modern millie, and julian was oliver twist. it was non stop fun. my brother and anna go all out with details for a good party, gabriel picked a super fun birthday theme (dr. seuss)… we tried to dress funky and fix our kids hair like dr. suess characters, and trick-or-treating with my family is always a place where i am so happy. a big thank you to zelda garcia for sewing and helping me put together siri’s costume. you’re awesome and do amazing work! thank you to josiah garcia for letting jules borrow your vest, the outfit wouldn’t have made sense without it! thank you to brother for letting britton borrow the mask you made years ago, and thank you to the dessert fest costume closet for the cape britton wore. oh and i know we’ve told you a billion times this week… but happy birthday to estevan garcia!!…. who had a birthday on saturday. phew, i don’t think we could fit any more celebrations in one weekend! happy halloween! can’t wait for more fun holidays with all the awesome people in our life!

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  1. 1 Johnathan

    Love all the pictures, especially the one of Siri and Elena in black and white. That is so precious.

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