mrs. jenn kilpatrick i am excited to be a part of the blog world. i said i’d never do it, but my brother and his sweet wife have the cutest blog, and i love reading their stories and knowing what’s going on in their life. so i’ll try it, but if i fall short, it’s only because i’m not as cool as they are… and that’s a fact. my one shining hope for dedication is my husband, as he is my motivation for many things in life. okay this is suppose to be about me. well… let’s see. i was born and raised in shreveport, la. i followed my brother to college- la tech (as you can already see he and i are very close and i’m pretty much obsessed with him). i got my ba in english literature with a minor in photography. i met my husband, britton, at tech. he was that guy that i admired for a long time but never thought he would ever in a million years go for me. i still wonder why he’s with me, but i don’t question a blessing, i just don’t understand it sometimes… most times. we started dating and seven months later he proposed on february 4, 2004. on june 12, 2004 we got hitched and have been beyond happy ever since. we haven’t found a reason to leave ruston yet, and right now we are living in his parents house while they are teaching in africa for two years. we miss them greatly. my little sister is not going to be my little sister anymore by the time i get to see her again! i work at the wildflower montessori school as a teacher’s assistant in one of the prechool classes. i am also trying to have a photography buinsess on the side with britton. we call it brenn photography. we absolutely have a blast working together. photography is in my blood. my daddy and my grandpa are both amazing photographers, and thier opinions of what i do absolutely mean more to me than anyone’s opinion. the kelly moore clark of ruston, la graciously allowed me to assist her for a while and i learned a lot about the business of photography and making it a lifestyle. she and i have become great friends and i will be in an eternal state of gratitude to her for all she’s done for me. what else… i’m very involved in our church, Christ community, because my husband is on staff there and it’s just awesome! the hardest thing i’ve ever had to do was not seeing my best friend naomi for two years. and the easiest thing i’ve ever had to do was having her back in my life. i love the smell of ground beef cooking and the sound of corrie singing. i love my job and the kids i get to hang out with, i love karyoke, people communicating through sign language, fountain drinks at the movie theater and going on trips with my husband.

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