Today I am 39 years, 0 months, and 3 days old.

As I tend to get off topic when I write on this page, I’m going to restrict myself to bullet points about my life. Or maybe dashed points…

  • -Born: April 1, 1981
  • -Died: TBA
  • -Lived in Houma from ages 0-5
  • -Lived in New Orleans from 5-14
  • -Lived in Houma from ages 14-18
  • -Lived in Ruston ever since.
  • -Married a wonderful Jenn
  • -On June 12, 2004 (six years last summer!)
  • -One beautiful, sweet daughter. Siriana Liv.
  • -One handsome, awesome son. Julian Joss.
  • -No grandchildren
  • -No great-grandchildren
  • -No great-gre—- you get the idea
  • -Currently work at Christ Community Church

This is me:


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